Product – Bee Kind Wood Briquettes

Bee Kind Wood Briquettes for open fires and stoves

  • High heat
  • Low moisture
  • Easy to store and stack
  • 100% Renewable energy
  • UK sourced cederwood and redwood only
  • No additives – none!

Round Briquette Information

Wood briquettes are ideal for open fires, ovens, chimeneas, wood burning stoves and BBQs. Wooden briquettes are recognised as being ideal to burn due to their high calorific value and low moisture.

Generally the larger the diameter briquettes burn longer and give out most heat, Bee Kind briquettes are 65mm diameter.

Compared to logs wood briquettes burn hotter for longer (making them more economical) they are much cleaner to handle and produce less spitting when lit. They also produce lower tar residues.

No glue or additives, 100% renewable energy from compressed cedarwood and redwood sawdust and shavings that burns completely to ash and can simply be placed on your garden.

Based in Gloucestershire, Maisemore Apiaries bee hive manufacturers was started some 70 years ago, making bee hives for their own personal use because they are commercial bee farmers.

They keep approx. 1000 hives of bees and produce approx. 20-30 tonnes of honey per year. They now manufacture bee hives for other bee farmers and for anyone who keeps bees as a hobby.

Bee Kind wooden briquettes are ideal for open fires, wood burning and multi-burner stoves, they are great for ovens chimeneas and BBQs.

Burning Instructions
To get the best results from your briquettes we recommend that you use 6-10 briquettes (or one-quarter full depending on the size of your stove etc.) on a bed of newspaper, firelighters or kindling. Light your fire keeping the main airflow of your stove fully open, once the fire is burning well reduce the airflow and leave alone.