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Briquette feedback from our valued Customers
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“Very favourably impressed by Burning Blocks”

Very favourably impressed by the blocks which burned for well over 2 hours and produced as much heat as our normal logs. They were certainly as clean as our normal fuel and leave much less ash to dispose of. Overall view of services and communication : Excellent. Yours sincerely.

Eric Morris

“Clean and easy to use”

Thank you for the sample logs. They were clean and easy to use, burning for a good one and a half to two hours. We have found that normal logs can require a lot of work and the last load we had to cut to size. It’s also a problem storing cut wood, to wait until the moisture content lowers. You will be getting on order from us.

Mr and Mrs Wilson - West Midlands

“Very impressed with the low ash yield”

The blocks burnt very well, I only used a mix of kindling, some medium sticks and the blocks. The blocks lasted from anywhere between 1.5 – 2.5 hours to burn through completely, I was very impressed with the low ash yield the next morning, first class service.

Chris Taylor - Kent

“Burnt more effectively than logs”

We found Burning Blocks easy to use and clean, the briquettes seemed to burnt more effectively than logs and certainly longer. We found dealing with you very satisfactory and the service was fast and efficient. Thank you.

Gordon Millar - Argyll and Bute

“Lasted longer than an Eco log”

Burning Blocks are well packaged, clean to handle, burnt for about 1 and a half hours on an open fire with a very good heat output and virtually no smoke. Having trialed them against Eco logs my overall view is that they lasted longer and compared to logs are more efficient and cleaner to handle and burn, I think your product comes first. Kind regards.

Martin Dickens - Corby

“Good communication and prompt delivery”

Burning Blocks are clean, a good weight and hassle-free, burnt for approx 90 mins on my stove, were hotter and less ash than logs. Good communication and a prompt delivery. Thanks.

Billy Smith - North Lanarkshire

“Couldn’t believe the heat and burning time!”

“I am a total convert to Burning Blocks. Tried them for the first time on a narrow boat and could not believe the heat and length of burning time. Truly unbelievable. I put one block in a small stove at 9.30pm. Closed the air down at 11pm. It was still warm in the morning!!!! Genuinely warm enough to re-light newspaper and then kindling without matches – and I’m usually rubbish at lighting fires, let alone keeping them lit!

Huge well done to Burning Blocks for providing a first class product that sits head and shoulders above their competition (most of which I have tried and abandoned). Eco friendly and magnificent. You’re mad not to try it…!”

Stuart Miller - Wantage, Oxon

“They were so much better than logs”

They were so much better than logs and burnt for about two hours before burning away to nothing, leaving the glass front of the fire clean – something that never happened with so called “seasoned” logs.

I was so impressed that I have had delivered a whole pallet of blocks and intend to buy another one before the winter for delivery to my daughter in Wiltshire. It has been a pleasure to deal with this company who have offered a friendly and efficient service.

Mick Skipper - Tonbridge

“3 Briquettes gave out good heat for between 2 and 3 hours”

These blocks were burnt by themselves and I found that a group of 3 briquettes gave out good heat for between 2 and 3 hours. Another bonus is that there is little ash, in fact I only clear out the ash pan once a week now and this gets composted. For this coming winter I have ordered and had delivered 1 full pallet, this will be enough to keep to keep us cosy this winter. Thank you Burning Blocks for sourcing this fuel and delivering them so promptly.


Graham Partt

“So pleased with the quality and performance”

This was our first trial of Burning Blocks. We relied heavily on the advice and information from Burning  Blocks website. Delighted to say that all the information was exactly correct and we are so pleased with the quality and performance we are just about to order double the initial bulk order. Customer service was first class, a delight to work with.

Gordon Bott - Warwickshire

“All my Customers have commented on the heat output”

Feedback so far has been great. All my customers have commented on the heat output, being a clean product, producing virtually instant heat, producing a very dry heat compared to firewood, low smoke, low ash in fact. Oh, another commented that his dog can lie in front of the fire without having to jump when logs spark!!!

Mark - Wales

“Briquettes left a red hot fire in the morning!”

We were delighted with your service and the blocks are great! I wasn’t sure having only had logs, but they are very warm and last well. The second fire we had was still red hot in the morning, so I kept it in for two days!!!! Good luck with your business.

Jane Stowe - Droitwich

“These heat logs are hotter and more efficient”

I am impressed by the quality of the Burning Blocks, they are hotter and more efficient than other heat logs that I have used before. Our room is very large and it will be interesting to see how they manage in the really cold weather, Customer service was excellent.


“Briquette heat output far outweighs the aesthetics”

Many thanks for the swift delivery of the Burning Blocks, they produce a long burn, very little ash, and are very good to handle, perhaps not as attractive as logs but the heat output far outweighs the aesthetics.

Barry Heys - Derbyshire

“No wood seasoning required – genuinely impressed”

We live in a terraced house in a tight narrow street, so getting a load of logs tipped and stored quickly is not an option and I have got fed up of buying bags of seasoned wood only to find it damp and unusable, this is where these blocks score, no seasoning required, easy to handle and store and they work really well. Nothing beats the look of real wood but I am genuinely impressed by these blocks.

Matt Dimmick - Stourbridge

“Best eco log that I have tried”

I did indeed receive my Burning Blocks on time and I am very impressed with their performance so far! They are by far the best eco log that I have tried, I put 3 on the first night and they were still going over 2.5 hours later. I will certainly be ordering more when I have my storage sorted out for them and I am hoping that my local supplier will also be in contact with you regarding stocking them in his shop.

Rosie Gibbs - Lockerbie

“Briquette heat output is exceptional”

I’ve finally had the opportunity to use the sample burning blocks and they are very impressive. Easy to light, the heat output is exceptional, and because the blocks are so dense, very consistent, although we don’t seen able to make them last as long as some people, but of course that comes down to the stove, *draft control etc., perhaps we’ll get better! But they are better and hotter than normal logs and leave very little ash, a great product and superb service. Thoroughly recommended. Brian Glanfield – North Yorkshire
*Response – Low air flow extends burn time.
Brian – Thanks for the advice, we’re trying it out now and it seems to be working. We’ll be in touch soon with an order.

“I highly praise brickette product – 10 out of 10!”

I highly praise this product, 10 out of 10 for long lasting and heat output, we have never burnt anything like it! Very clean to use, great service, thank you. Melvin Hyles – Malvern

“Lasting over 2 hours each we are really very impressed”

We have trialled Burning Blocks briquettes and we are very impressed, they do not expand like some similar products and the heat output is fantastic. They are lasting in our stoves over 2 hours each, we are really very impressed and now stock this product to offer extra value to our customers as well as burning them as an alternative to logs in our showroom. Carol – Chase Heating Limited – Pershore

“Better than seasoned logs for canal boats”

Better than seasoned logs, no coal dust but burn like coals, easy to light, great over night, keeps boat warmer for longer and more consistent heat. Less effort to use than logs and coal and can be stored on top box of narrow boat. Dawn Wilder – Stourport Canal Chandlers

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