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“Significantly impressed, you gave us outstanding service”

Overall, significantly impressed, if only others ran their businesses the same way. You gave us outstanding service.
The bark blocks, yes I am a fan. I find them difficult to control at first – they burn very well from the start and I have to shut the stove down much earlier than I’d expect to, however, it’s a new product to me, clearly much drier than logs and the stove is new to me also.
As for delivery, again most impressed. The pallet was pristine, no visible marks/scuffs or obvious delivery damage. The driver must also have given some thought to where it was left as it could easily been left ‘in the way’
Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic.  Keep up the good work!

Gareth & Nicki Williams - Malvern

“Best blocks I’ve had in the last 3 years”

Really happy with the blocks, best I have had in the last 3 years.  Can’t really tell much difference between the bark and the birch but both burn clean and hot.

When we got the delivery the driver was really helpful.  Our access isn’t brilliant but he backed up the drive and dropped them outside the front door which saved me a job as we have had them left at the bottom of the drive before when the lorry was bigger.

Would definitely have your blocks again and have already given a friend a pack to try so you might get an order there.

Chris Platt - Dorset

“Light really easily and burn consistently”

BURNING BLOCKS (BB)- love them as they light really easily and burn consistently.
– The great advantage of BB is that they take up circa 25% of the space vs logs – like for like calorific value by my calcs given space utilisation, moisture content etc.
Convenient stacking – stacking packs of BB is much easier than individual logs
In short, I can store a far greater calorific value in a store, and in the house, with BB vs logs. This meant I could load up the house during the weekend if I knew I was going to be away during the week, content that my wife would have easy lighting warmth (regardless of power security).
The Bark BB’s are better. They seem to light equally well but last longer.

Andrew Degan - Wiltshire

“Stove is still warm/hot to the touch in the morning at 7”

An initial overall impression is certainly VERY positive. Over the course of 10 years, have tried many options of firewood and based upon a few days of burning, would say that Burning Blocks compare favourably with my long-term choice of Bxxxxxx Fire Logs.
The burn time is long and the embers last longer than other logs without crumbling early and hence losing heat. Found that the bark blocks are particularly good in this respect. 3 of 4 bark blocks added to fire around 22:30 and the stove is still warm/hot to the touch in the morning at 7. Just need to place a couple of white blocks on the embers and the fire is going again within a few minutes so no time lost in starting the fire.
Would also add that without exception, these blocks have the lowest amount of residual ash. Obviously, less emptying of the stove tray is appreciated.
In terms of delivery, these two pallets were the best wrapped I have received, with the strapping holding everything dry securely. Others have arrived lopsided or badly loaded and hence a real effort to get out of the lorry. The delivery driver was courteous and helpful.
Would I recommend the product? The answer is an unequivocal yes. What is useful when looking to buy the wood is that your website provides comprehensive details on calorific and moisture values, which as you know is not standard practice. The product is as good as I hoped for in most respects and better in some. By comparison, when have bought blocks previously (aside from Bxxxxx) have invariably in some way or other been disappointed. As long as pricing remains competitive, I will certainly be ordering again in subsequent years.

Pierre Middleton - Weybridge

“Long burning and produce a high level of heat with a good flame”

I am delighted with your product, prior to making my order for a full pallet I had ordered a trial pack which assisted me in making my decision.  I find the blocks easy to store and handle, they light with ease, are long burning and produce a high level of heat with a good flame.

Andy Duffield - York

“A great product and your customer service was great”

One of the best blocks we have had they ignite quickly we have had a couple stacked on each other and they have burned for hours and has no real waste. The heat that the brick gives off is incredible.

After not receiving a delivery on the due date the issue was then resolved very quickly with the kind offer of delivery the next day at a time that suited to us.

Q. Would you recommend?

Defiantly, as I said we had an issue but Sam was quick to resolve this and could not apologise enough, you have a great product and your customer service was great.

Mike & Jo Steele - Benfleet

“Pleased with the product”

This is my second year of purchasing and again I am pleased with the product I have recommended them on numerous occasions having first come across them at a holiday cottage in Norfolk.

Roger Eddowes

“Customer service was outstanding”

This was the first time I decided to try a more eco-friendly product. It was delivered on the day you said it would be and the emails you sent to the delivery people, copying in me was great.  I tried the bricks and was very impressed with the results.
As for recommending the product and your company, I have been telling all my work colleagues how great the product is and the customer service is outstanding.  It also stacks better than logs!!!
I would be interested in trying the bark bricks at some point to see if I get the same results.  I will be adding photos to my Instagram account and Facebook to let my followers know about your family run company and product.

Richard Hersey - Paignton

“Less cleaning out of the fire”

I really like the burning blocks, this is the 4th year I’ve used, I like the way they burn , much less cleaning out the fire , the way they are packaged is great for stacking and they burn long into the night so keeps the house cosy .
I do recommend to family and friends so more than happy with your blocks.

Richard Edwards - Kidderminster

“Better quality than alternative blocks”

I really like the product. It lights easily with one firefighter. It burns hot. It lasts well. Much cleaner than coal. Drier and easier to store than logs. Better quality than alternative blocks you can get at petrol stations and DIY outlets. 

Gareth Meadows

“The product is excellent!”

The product is excellent, I have bought it before but could not order it again until I moved. Delivery was good, in fact to the door of the house. The smaller lorry had no difficulties getting in or out.


“I would recommend the product, offers excellent value for money”

My view on the product are that it is clean burning and comparable price-wise to buying ‘normal’ logs but without the mess and much easier to stack!
Yes, I would recommend this product without question, it offers excellent value for money.

Brian Wall

“Fantastic customer service, communication has been excellent”

Would you recommend? Yes for sure, great product and fantastic customer service, you have always responded very quickly to all e-mails and communication has been excellent.  We started buying from you on recommendation from one of your other customers.
Delivery this year was excellent, the driver had split the pallet (took the top 3 layers off) and put them on a second pallet, so they came off the truck really easy and it was simple to get them down the driveway into the garage.  By far the smoothest of the deliveries we have had.

Rikki Arnold - Swansea

“Like the product, delivery works well, all in all very pleased”

We like the product. It’s easy to get started and burns to very little ash. We’ve been burning your blocks for a few years now, buying direct works well and we have built a store which holds exactly three-quarters of a pallet. Delivery has always worked well and we appreciate the direct email contact with you to cover details.
The Palletline driver this time was particularly helpful and cheerful and we can get the pallet dropped within a dozen yards of the store. That has always worked well and I think the drivers find the access slightly easier than they expect and the smaller lorry works well for turning etc. 
All in all we are very pleased.

Richard Lewis - Leominster

“Easy to light, lovely flame, excellent product!”

We had a chilly evening on the day of delivery which had us a chance to try the blocks which were easy to light…burned with a lovely flame and gave out a good amount of heat keeping us nice and warm all evening.
The blocks are nice and clean, easy to handle and left virtually no residue so, all in all an excellent product. The delivery driver was on time and very helpful in unloading the blocks.
So we would definitely recommend the product and will reorder in the future.

Brian Dorkin - Stoke on Trent

“Top of the class, wholly delighted!”

I was very pleased with the order/delivery process this being both quick and efficient.

They burn hot, last between 1 and 1.5 hrs ( I seem to need a bit of under-draught to keep them hot), do not expand and reduce to minor ash deposits. All aspects are ‘top of the class’ and I am wholly delighted.

In conclusion, thank you for your interest. I will be re-ordering in due course and have no hesitation in recommending both you and your product.

Mark Stephenson - Hull

“The best-compressed wood product I have tried”

The delivery was good, I would recommend your product. 
The blocks are the best-compressed wood product I have tried. Easy to light and they burn well.

David Perkins

“Burning Blocks are head and smoulders above their competition”

I am a total convert to Burning Blocks. Tried them for the first time on a narrow boat and couldn’t believe the heat and length of burning time. Truly unbelievable. I put one block in a small stove at 9:30pm. Closed the air down at 11pm. It was still warm in the morning!!!

Genuinely warm enough to re-light newspaper and then kindling without matches – and I’m usually rubbish at lighting fires let alone keeping them lit. Huge well done to Sam and her team for creating a first class product that sits head and smoulders above their competition (most of which I’ve tried and abandoned). Eco friendly and magnificent. You’re mad to not try it…”

Stuart Miller - Oxfordshire

“Fantastic service, I will be recommending your company”

I just wanted to say what a fantastic service you provide from my first email to delivery of the logs, Ian the delivery man was friendly and helpful I will be recommending your company and will be ordering from you again in the future.

Sandra Blackwell - Avening

“Burning Blocks burn longer than logs”

I have used Burning Blocks for some time now and have been more than happy with them. I used to use ‘normal’ logs for my log burners but have changed over to Burning Blocks because they burn longer, give out more heat and are easier to stack.
They are supplied in a polythene type covering which saves any mess and this can also be recycled afterwards so it really is a green alternative.
Price wise they are slightly more expensive than wood but this is more than balanced when you take into account the extra heat given and burn time per block.

Brian Wall - Worcestershire

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