Original Burning Blocks

Original Burning Blocks

Long lasting block briquettes from 100% pine sawdust for up to 3 hours burn from £3.53 per 10kg pack.

Bee Kind Wood Briquettes

Bee Kind Wood Briquettes

Bee kind round briquettes, UK produced made from redwood and cederwood sawdust from £2.91 per 10kg bag.

Burning Blocks Sample
Burning Blocks Sample
10kg Sample Pack of Burning Blocks. 12 blocks per pack.
*Refunded off your first full pallet order.
Shipping :
1152 Block Briquettes - Full Pallet
1152 Block Briquettes - Full Pallet
965kg - Long lasting Burning Blocks
96 Packs of 12 block briquettes
Delivered to the door
Price per Pack: £3.53
Saving: £236
Shipping :

Latest News

£25 off firewood briquette pallets in Feb 2020

    Saturday, 8th February 2020

End of season sell-out sale, £25 off full pallets, a further £20 of 2 pallets, £30 of 3 and £70 off 5 pallets.

£3.33 per pack vs £6.50 retail price per pack!

“Best blocks I’ve had in the last 3 years”

Really happy with the blocks, best I have had in the last 3 years.  Can’t really tell much difference between the bark and the birch but both burn clean and hot.

When we got the delivery the driver was really helpful.  Our access isn’t brilliant but he backed up the drive and dropped them outside the front door which saved me a job as we have had them left at the bottom of the drive before when the lorry was bigger.

Would definitely have your blocks again and have already given a friend a pack to try so you might get an order there.

Chris Platt - Dorset

“Light really easily and burn consistently”

BURNING BLOCKS (BB)- love them as they light really easily and burn consistently.
– The great advantage of BB is that they take up circa 25% of the space vs logs – like for like calorific value by my calcs given space utilisation, moisture content etc.
Convenient stacking – stacking packs of BB is much easier than individual logs
In short, I can store a far greater calorific value in a store, and in the house, with BB vs logs. This meant I could load up the house during the weekend if I knew I was going to be away during the week, content that my wife would have easy lighting warmth (regardless of power security).
The Bark BB’s are better. They seem to light equally well but last longer.

Andrew Degan - Wiltshire

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