A very high quality, long lasting wood briquette range….

Heat logs, eco logs, and briquettes for use on wood burners, stoves, and fires.

Our products are tested, trusted and recommended by Stove Stockists.

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Burning Blocks are long lasting firewood briquettes, our customers tell us they are the very best alternative to logs / coal and they are FSC Certified.

Read below why Burning Blocks are so good and “why our customers love them“.

Loading Briquette into woodburner

  • Long Burning Time – Burn for 2 hours and over.
  • Very High Heat Output - Consistent high heat.
  • Low Ash - Residual ash that can be composted.
  • Easy to Light.
  • Kind to your Chimney and Flue – They will not soot up your chimney.
  • FSC Certified – 100% from well managed forests www.fsc.org


individual burning blocks
  • Burning Blocks don’t Expand or Spit – Safer to use than logs.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Burning Blocks are a recycled biomass FSC certified.
  • Easy to Handle - Store, stack and move in quantity.
  • No Extra Work – Ready to go, no need to split.
  • High Density – Burning Blocks burn similar to coal.
  • Clean – Cleaner than coal or logs to handle and do not contain any additives.



Burning Block in Woodburner

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